Program Curriculum

Our college-level program curriculum is designed to challenge our students while exposing them to business concepts that they wouldn't normally have access to in their traditional school setting.

Week 1
Social Entrepreneurship Success

During the first week, students will learn about social entrepreneurship and how they can create generational wealth through identifying and developing their business acumen.

University Student

Week 2
Big Ideas for Big Impact

During week two students will learn about social entrepreneurship business models and how simple ideas can have a major positive impact on our communities and society as a whole.

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Reading Aloud in Classroom

Week 3 
Business Finance & Fun

Who says finance can't be fun. During week three it's time to crunch the numbers as students learn about cost of goods, profit and loss, revenue, investments and staying cash-flow positive.

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Week 4
Marketing to the Masses

The best businesses know how to attract customers and clients. Our students will go through intensive sales and marketing training during the fourth week of the program.

Week 5
Developing the Skills of a CEO

Today's world needs  integral business leaders. This week, students will learn the importance of business ethics in running a successful enterprise.

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Week 6
Final Business Presentations

During  week six, students will participate in final presentations in front of an audience of business leaders from around the world who will provide feedback and insights on their work.

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Bright Gradient

Teaching the Next Generation How to Launch, Sell,

Scale, and Sustain Entrepreneurial Ventures With the Startup Wars App

During weeks 7-8, it's time for the students to put their skills to practice with the Startup Wars business simulation app. They will have to make decisions on hiring, product development, and finances and much more.

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