• Millennial Ventures

Mandatory Millionaires Program Partners with Startup Wars App

Mandatory Millionaires Program is taking a step further for the Millennial Millionaire Program and is teaming up with OpenForge.io!

OpenForge.io specializes in user experience in mobile application design and development. Either building the application from the ground up or developing the application to enhance its features and functionality, OpenForge.io is capable of crafting a solution that is the right fit for anyone’s needs.

Jedi Weller, the CEO of OpenForge is an expert in mobile application, product design and rapid prototyping for startups and enterprise teams alike. With him leading OpenForge and partnering with Millennial Ventures, our work in building the Mandatory Millionaire Program will be a move for the better and ultimately, for the best.

Let us all thank Jedi Weller and all of OpenForge for coming on board with us and let us all work together as partners for our program!