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Business Literacy = Financial Freedom

Program Overview

The Mandatory Millionaires virtual program is designed with the modern student in mind. We have incorporated bite-sized content, interactive exercises, Tik Tok challenges, and gamification to engage students in a non-school sorta way.

Interactive Business Labs

No lectures here. Our interactive business labs are focused on helping students implement their new skills as they are learning new business concepts.

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Millionaire Mentorship

We're providing our students will access to our millionaire friends in up-close and personal Millionaire Mentorship sessions.

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Tech Enabled Startup Simulation

We've partnered with our friends over at OpenForge so that camp participants get exclusive access to their new app "Startup Wars" to build a real business from scratch.

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Online Entrepreneurship Community

All students will have access to Mandatory Millionaires online community to network, engage in discussions, and receive coaching on their program deliverables.

Summer CEO  Camp


Each Summer, students will have an opportunity to enroll in our "Summer CEO Camp" for a chance to work in a team with their peers to launch their own social enterprise. They will be able to choose between two options-- an apparel company, or a vegan skincare line. They will keep 100% of their profit and can continue to operate their business throughout the school-year if they choose. The Mandatory Millionaires Business Success Team will work with them every step of the way to ensure their success.