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The Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs is Here

Helping Students Learn How to Build Entrepreneurial

Skills to Build Generational Wealth

We Believe They Can Be Millionaires... Do You?

Entrepreneurship is the foundation of our modern world. Times are changing and students know that traditional education won't help them survive recessions and the impending economic disruption that has already begun. Make sure that your student has what they need to be competitive in society. Give them the gift of entrepreneurship.

Course Overview

What They Will Learn

This innovative course is designed for today's student. With micro learning videos, TikTok-able action steps, and learning in plain and simple language, your student will binge on this content and be motivated to take immediate action. Oh... and of course, they'll be learning math and business principles in an engaging way.

Session #1
The Millionaire Mindset

Our first step is helping students understand that business makes the world go 'round. From their cell phones to their clothes or favorite social media platforms... it's all business, and we want them to get in on the action.

Ready for Class

Session #2
Your Million Dollar Idea

We encourage students to start thinking about problems they can solve through entrepreneurship right away. We will make the idea of becoming an entrepreneur REAL by the second session.

Young man
Young Female Student

Session #3
The Millionaire Business Model

Millionaires understand the power of a strategic business model that allows them to do less and make more. We will review the most popular business models and help students select one of their own.

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Session #4 
Millionaire Math Mastery

Becoming a millionaire is a numbers game. We will breakdown business finance basics and help students calculate how they can get to their first million dollars using our models.

Session #5
Millionaire Marketing & Sales

Gen Z knows all about social media marketing. We'll be doing a deep dive into viral marketing and sales strategies that can catapult their entrepreneurial success so that they get faster results.

Student Laughing

Session #6
Making Your First Thousand

We will provide students with a step-by-step plan on how to make their first one thousand dollars. Once they make it this far, they'll get access to the Q&A community to get support on how to achieve their first big win!

Happy College Student
Bright Gradient

PLUS: Startup Simulation with "Startup Wars" Entrepreneurship Training Platform

We've partnered with our friends over at OpenForge so that Mandatory Millionaires students can get exclusive access to their new "Startup Wars" business training platform, only available to approved educational institutions and programs.

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Register Your Student Now

$147 Program Price*

  • Millionaire-the-Making Micro-Learning Videos

  • Mandatory Millionaires Program Manual

  • Millionaire Math Mastery Session

  • List of Top 50 Businesses to Start for Only $100

  • 30-Day Business Launch Action Plan

  • Business Ethics Basics Bonus Session

  • Startup Simulation (6 month access)

  • Lifetime Access to Content 

  • Private Q&A Community for Students 

*Pricing is per student, for parents who need financial assistance, please indicate that in your application. Discounted program access is available for schools and other educational programs. Program is ideal for advanced middle school, high school, and college students.

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